IW’s national calls are open to all IW members – business owners, business representatives, immigration attorneys and others from across the U.S. and from all the economic sectors that rely on immigrant workers. The purpose of the calls: to share updates and intelligence and keep the national network connected. A typical call looks in depth at two or three recent immigration-related developments, either in Washington or in the states. IW president Tamar Jacoby interviews guest presenters, and call participants have the opportunity to ask questions.

2014 outlook 1-29-2014
August recess strategy 8-1-2013
Congress considers immigration reform bill 4-23-2013
Visa negotiations and how employers can help 2-21-2013
Immigration on the agenda in Washington 1-18-2013
Vivek Wadhwa, the American Farm Bureau 11-28-2012
What employers need to know about Obama deferred action 9-7-2012
The Supreme Court immigration decision 6-28-2012
Arizona SB 1070 in the Supreme Court 4-24-2012
Sen. Bennet discusses the STEM Visa Act of 2011 3-1-2012
The immigration debate in Congress 9-29-2011
Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act  6-30-2011
Supreme Court LAWA decision  6-10-2011   
E-Verify legislation coming in the House  5-6-2011


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