Dear XYZ:

I’m a business owner – a [JOB TITLE] in a [KIND OF BUSINESS] in [CITY, STATE]. And I’m writing to you because of my concern about the Department of Homeland Security’s new supplemental Social Security No-Match Rule.

This renewed push to require employers to use Social Security numbers to verify that our workers are in the country legally is not a bad idea – in theory. But it is being implemented at the wrong time, in the wrong way and without regard for the harm it could do to U.S. workers and the U.S. economy.

As an employer, I understand and accept that we as a nation will never get control of the border unless we also get control in the workplace, making sure that only legal workers can be hired in the United States. I understand and accept that employers like me have a role to play in this process. And I look forward to the day when the government provides me with the tools I need to determine whether the workers I hire are authorized or not.

But the Social Security No-Match system is an unworkable and ineffective tool: an inaccurate database combined with a cumbersome vetting process, overseen by an unpracticed bureaucracy.
  • If the No-Match rule is implemented, the government will send out letters to more than 140,000 employers questioning the status of more than a million employees. Some will be illegal immigrants, but many will be Americans who have gotten married recently or changed their names, or whose names are simply misspelled or wrongly hyphenated in the Social Security database.
  • The government will have just 90 days to adjudicate these million-plus cases – and in many instances when it gets them wrong, innocent Americans will be thrown out of work.
  • The database does a particularly poor job keeping accurate records about naturalized U.S. citizens – one in 10 of them show up in the Social Security system as illegal immigrants.
As an employer and a citizen, I want to obey the law – I want to be able to staff my business with legal workers. But I need Washington’s help.
  • I need an accurate, reliable employment verification system so I can sift unauthorized employees from those who are entitled to work. But I need that system to be phased in carefully and gradually – so that we’re sure it works before it is made mandatory and has the power to put me out of business on erroneous charges.
  • I need Congress to take the time to study the unintended consequences of the Social Security No-Match system before DHS rushes it into effect.
  • I need Congress to move now to authorize the money that’s needed to improve the Social Security and DHS databases so we can create an employment verification system that works – a single, national employment verification system, not a crazy quilt of 50 systems run by 50 states.
Please let me know what you as a member are doing to make sure that Congress delivers the help I need. It’s not just my business that’s at stake – it’s the economy of my region and our state.